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Should Moms Get Guaranteed Payday Loans?

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. There’s no OFF button and your family will always rely on your wise decisions.

Down the road, you will encounter trials and challenges that can shatter your spirit – financial troubles are some of them. In the face of a looming financial disaster, some lenders are willing to give a hand. These are guaranteed payday lenders, and they serve thousands of borrowers around the world.


But should moms get singapore payday loan? Is the financial strain worth the effort? Read on to know.


A Matter of Payment

Guaranteed payday loans are quick solutions to your basic financial dilemmas. While these loans can be released in one hour or less, you need to think about its payment process. Typically, guaranteed payday loans have weekly payments rather than monthly. This may be challenging if you’re juggling many expenses per month. For your convenience, you should look for a guaranteed payday offered by licensed moneylender that has a monthly repayment scheme. This will give you greater financial leverage and more time to prepare for the loan. You can search for guaranteed payday licensed money lenders in Facebook or dedicated online directories.


Proper Financial Adjustment

Whenever you’re under a cash advance loan agreement, you need to adjust your finances. If you can’t do this properly, you may miss payments and incur huge penalties. In most cases, a financial plan can really help. It won’t take much time to create a financial plan. You just need to note down your challenges and opportunities. On top of that, you should record your projected earnings per month. If the earnings can cover expenses and the weekly dues of the payday loan, then you don’t have to worry. Otherwise, you may need to double or triple your income sources.


Looking Ahead

Since you’re a mother, you must know how to look ahead and plan your family’s financial direction. If you look ahead properly, then the need for guaranteed payday loans will be mitigated. You can consider the loans as aces in your sleeve, rather than a lifeline support system. Don’t be like the other borrowers who became enslaved by payday loans.


Moms should definitely get guaranteed payday loans, but under very strict conditions. Also, guaranteed payday loans are sweeter whenever you have a financial problem. Think of them as temporary band-aids and not as long-term remedies. If you’re okay with this, you should apply for a guaranteed payday loan today!

3 Ways Your Guaranteed Payday Loan May Backfire

While many people think that guaranteed payday loans are blessings in disguise, they caused tons of miseries for other borrowers as well. A guaranteed payday loan is a form of unsecured loan offered to people with low credit rating and those who are living from paycheck to paycheck. If you’re applying for this loan, you don’t have to worry about credit investigation processes. Most guaranteed payday loans only care about your repayment capabilities anyway.


But be careful – a guaranteed payday loan may backfire against you! Here are some ways a guaranteed payday loan can work against you:


Uncontrolled Interest

Guaranteed payday loans have high interest because no collateral is involved. This is part of the lender’s risk management system. However, most guaranteed payday loans have high interest on top of penalties if the borrower cannot repay. Many borrowers sunk in greater debts because of uncontrolled interest. They ended up paying more than three times of their principal. Not all guaranteed payday loans have mega interest by the way; there are still some with manageable options.


Stress in Collections

Guaranteed payday lenders are persistent in collecting what is owed. Since there’s no collateral involved, payday lenders will do everything such as legal actions or verbal threats. They may even send collection agents and make you frustrated. Many borrowers are suffering from the abuse of vicious payday lenders. So if a guaranteed payday lender is stressing you out, take immediate action.


Trapping Tactics

Some guaranteed payday lenders are known for their entrapment tactics. Their systems are designed to pommel a borrower to the ground until he is overcome by debts. Another trapping tactic is the act of lowering the interest to entice the borrower into re-applying for the loan. Once you encounter a lender guilty of doing this, look for another one. With hundreds of guaranteed payday lenders competing in the lending arena today, there’s a chance that you can find a lender that’s truly worth your time. An in-depth research can also help. Comb through reviews in social media and online loan directories. Unbiased borrower reviews will help you know which lenders can be trusted and which ones must be avoided.


To ensure that guaranteed payday loans will always work for you, stick to a plan. If you’re under a guaranteed loan agreement, your first goal is to get rid of it. You can only rely on guaranteed payday loans during critical emergencies.

3 Ways Personal Loans Have Changed

Personal loans have been around for many years. Through these years, lenders tried changing their strategies in order to see what works best for borrowers or what can churn out greater profits. Thanks to modern conventions, we can now enjoy better personal loans offered by numerous lenders around the world.


Do you want to know the important changes regarding personal loans? Read on.


Greater Marketing Reach

To deal with competition, lenders are always striving hard to improve their marketing processes. With the help of the Internet, marketing has never been easier. Nowadays, lenders can tap on different tools to reach thousands of borrowers. In Facebook alone, you can see the posts of many lenders. Whenever they have new product options, lenders typically inform their borrowers through their Facebook pages or groups. Twitter is also another great source of lending information. Lenders just need to leave useful tweets and they’ll receive inquiries from interested borrowers. As long as people rely on the Internet, online lenders will continue marketing their personal loans at a rapid pace.


Variable Interest and Fees

Through in-depth studies, lenders finally learned about the proper way of adjusting their interest rates and fees. Their estimations have improved, granting more leverage for borrowers. This is the reason why you’d see personal loans with dynamic interest rates that can change over time. You can even negotiate for the interest rates and terms that you want, depending on the money you need. Online lenders use a scaling interest formulation system to assess the proper fees that must be doled out. Your employment may also be a strong factor of high or low interest scaling.


Simple Application Processes

Back then, the application for a personal loan is strict. Lenders require more documents and other statements. Some lenders may also require co-makers to proceed with the transaction. Now, things have changed. Borrowers can now take advantage of easier application processes. You no longer have to worry too much about your financial status, as long as you have your main documents ready. If you also have a job, there’s a big chance that you can be pre-approved for a personal loan. Lenders are continuously improving their cash release systems to help more borrowers obtain approval.


Now that the best personal loans in singapore have changed for the better, are you ready to apply for one? If yes, visit your local loan provider today and file your application. After all, it’s better to experience the changes yourself!

3 Signs of Credit Card Readiness

Securing a credit card has never been easier nowadays. People just need to fill out a form, submit requirements, and wait for the application result. Hundreds of banks have also offered support for people who want to obtain credit cards. But even if the process has become easier, people are still fumbling over credit card management. Many people sank deep in rcbc bankard credit card balance and they faced a terrible financial situation.


Before applying for a credit card, there are signs of readiness that you must observe.


Financial Discipline

Financial discipline is an important trait that can improve your life. With discipline, you’d know what’s important for your finances and you won’t spend your money on unimportant things. With such discipline, you can also be prompted to create a plan that will utilize all of your income sources. Also, if you’re financially disciplined, you won’t use your credit card for anything other than financial emergencies. Many credit card holders suffered from debts because they used their credit cards to splurge and purchase luxuries.


Emotional Control

Emotions are very important for marketing and consumerism. If a person is emotion-driven, marketers and manufacturers can easily entice him to buy things. That little plastic card can play on your emotions even if you’re aware of it. Once you know that the credit card will let you purchase things with few swipes, there’s a chance that you may be overly reliant. Controlling your emotions is easier said than done. You need to envision what’s important to you so you can suppress your emotional impulses.



Forecasting is another beneficial trait if you want to keep your financial affairs in order. Through forecasting, you’ll know about incoming financial troubles and challenges. You will also know when to use your metrobank credit card properly.

To practice your forecasting skill, you should create a monthly allocation plan. This plan will help you come up of reasonable goals connected to your financial vision. Getting into this habit is not easy though. More often than not, we’re distracted by the things laid out in front of us. These things can prevent responsible forecasting and lead to wrong financial decisions. Once you mastered forecasting, you can gain the full value of your credit card.


Do you have these following signs embedded in your mind? If you practice them constantly, then you’re going to be a responsible bpi credit card holder. Check out a credit card provider’s website today and see the items available for you!